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Project Management

We offer a number of project management courses, such as microsoft project, agile, scrum, design thinkinig s in Singapore

You can apply SkillsFuture Credit or SSG Absentee Payroll grant for those SSG Approved courses.

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  • Microsoft Project Training

    3 Review(s)
    Microsoft Project is one of the most widely used project management tool. Iis designed to assist a project manager in developing a plan, assigning resources to tasks, tracking progress, managing the budget, and analysing workloads. With Microsoft Project training you can analyse your project information by using Gantt charts, graphs, tables and views and you can track how your project progresses, identifying wha....
    $228.00 (GST-exclusive)

  • Agile Project Management Training

    9 Review(s)
    Agile Project Management offers a set of frameworks that covers the people, products and practices (techniques) required to successfully implement projects in the modern business environment. Originally created for software/systems development, Agile is now used to help manage any form of business change. This course is a preparatory course for Agile project management certification. Topics include: What is agile....
    $248.00 (GST-exclusive)

  • Design Thinking for Social Entrepreneurship

    Design thinking and Social entrepreneurship are crucial for our nation today. Design thinking enabled us to resolve daily pressing issues more empathetically, effectively and interestingly. Social entrepreneurship looks out for the less privileged, turns your business into a profitable-meaningful cause, and possibly inspire people to do good for others. In this course, you will learn the uniqueness of a Social enterp....
    $298.00 (GST-exclusive)

  • IIB Council's Certified Project Manager (C|PM) Course and Certification (Virtual Classroom)

    The IIB Council’s C|PM (Certified Project Manager) course is developed with the aim to bridge the experience gap between aspiring practitioners and current project management professionals. The program enables students to obtain immediately implementable knowledge in leading project teams, directing project processes and delivering project results within the constraints of schedule, budget, resources and manage....
    $1,400.00 (GST-exclusive)

  • Scrum Master Basic Training

    Scrum is a methodology that allows a team to self organise and make changes quickly, in accordance with agile principles. The scrum master manages the process for how information is exchanged. This basic Scrum course can help provide you with a basic understanding of what scrum is and how you can start implementing it at work Topics include: Understanding the scrum approach to project success Solving project pro....
    $298.00 (GST-exclusive)

  • Project Management For Small & Medium Enterprise Training

    This training focus on common project management principles and elements that can be found in successful project deliveries. It able audience who is not a professional project manager to learn the fundamentals of project management. The audience can be experienced employee facing a role change from within his organization to become project manager. He will be able to manage projects related to his area of responsibil....
    $248.00 (GST-exclusive)

  • 项目管理用在中小型企业培训

    本 课程 谈论成功项目管理原则与元素。 这 课程 能够使不是专业训练的项目经理来学习项目管理的基本原则。 学员 可能是一名有经验的员工面临着来自组织内的转变,角色成为项目经理。 在通过学习项目管理中发现的成功基本原则与元素, 学员 将能够管理在组织内部的项目。中小型企业的企业主和创业公司业主....
    $248.00 (GST-exclusive)

7 Item(s)

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