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We offer a number of Arduino training courses in Singapore

You can apply SkillsFuture Credit and WDA subsidy for those SkillsFuture and WDA approved courses. All courses are PIC claimable

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  • Arduino Essential Training

    11 Review(s)
    This is a one day essential course for Arduino. The trainer will show Arduino programming from basic to intermediate levels. During the course, the participant will be guided to build several projects including LED blink, Arduino Sonar, and Tachograph projects Topics include: What is the Arduino? Exploring basic electronics concepts and components. Installing Arduino IDE Introduction to C programming Digi....

  • Visual Coding with Arduino for Non-Programmers

    Arduino is a programmable microcontroller platform that allows you to easily manipulate various electronics components such as LEDs, sensors and servo motors. While designed to be programmed in C++, numerous tools exist to simplify your experience with programming the Arduino. One such example is the mBlock software. Derived from Scratch, it lets you use visual block-based programming to control the Arduino, so even....

  • Advanced Arduino Training

    7 Review(s)
    In this advanced Arduino course, the trainer will cover the key concepts like serial communication, I2C communication, SPI communication, interrupts. The trainer will also cover the basics for interrupts, Motor Control, Sensors and Displays. Finally the course will end with a Smart Home Automation project with Arduino: Serial Communication I2C Communication SPI Communication Interrupts Motor Control Sensors ....

  • IoT Training with ESP8266 Wi-Fi Controller

    12 Review(s)
    Internet of Things (IoT) is an ecosystem of things (devices with embedded electronics), network connectivity, data storage, people and processes. The things collect, communicate with each other and process data to respond to changing environment or take intelligent actions in order to automate or enhance existing processes and thus benefit people in day-to-day life.  The IoT has gained popularity lately due to t....

  • Arduino Internet of Things (IoT) Course

    4 Review(s)
    Internet of Things (IoT) is a global network infrastructure, linking physical and virtual objects using cloud computing, data capture, and network communications. It allows devices to communicate with each other, access information on the Internet, store and retrieve data, and interact with users, creating smart, pervasive and always-connected environments. Arduino itself is an incredibly flexible micro-controller a....

  • Making Arduino Sonar Radar Workshop

    This workshop will show you how to make a cool Sonar (Radar) system using ultrasonic ranging sensor and servo motor based on Arduino board and Processing software. The participants will learn the basic knowledge of ultrasonics ranging sensor, servo motor and Processing.  This course comes with Arduino Sonar( Radar) Kit worth $35.  ....

  • Processing Training for Data Visualization

    Start communicating ideas and diagramming data in a more interactive way. In this workshop, the trainer wil show how to read, map, and illustrate data with Processing, an open-source drawing and development environment.  Topics include: Exploring the need for creative data visualization Drawing basic lines and shapes Introducing variables, strings, and arrays Modifying drawing attributes such as color Ma....

7 Item(s)

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