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DevOps Essential Training

DevOps is not a framework or a workflow. It's a culture that is overtaking the business world. DevOps ensures collaboration and communication between software engineers (Dev) and IT operations (Ops). With DevOps, changes make it to production faster. Resources are easier to share. And large-scale systems are easier to manage and maintain.

In this course, you will learn the fundamental concepts in DevOps.

Course Highlights

  • What is DevOps?
  • Understanding DevOps core values and principles
  • Choosing DevOps tools
  • Creating a positive DevOps culture
  • Building a continuous delivery pipeline
  • Building continuous integration system


All participants will receive a Certificate of Completion from Tertiary Courses after achieved at least 75% attendance.

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For Singaporeans: SkillsFuture Credit

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Course Code: CRS-N-0049867

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$298.00 (GST-exclusive)

Course Date

Course Time

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Course Cancellation/Reschedule Policy

We reserve the right to cancel or re-schedule the course due to unforeseen circumstances. If the course is cancelled, we will refund 100% to participants.
Note the venue of the training is subject to changes due to class size and availability of the classroom.
Note the minimal class size to start a class is 3 Pax.

Course Details

Topic 1 Overview of DevOps

  • Enterprise Software Delivery
  • What is DevOps for Software Delivery
  • DevOps Success Stories
  • Build a Effective DevOps Team/Culture
  • Build a Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery System

Topic 2 Continuous Integration System

  • What is Continuous Integration (CI)
  • Automated Testing
  • Continuous Database Integration
  • Continuous Code Inspection
  • Continuous Deployment
  • Benefits of CI
  • Enterprise Maturity Model
  • Automated Build Tools

Topic 3 Continuous Delivery System

  • What is Continuous Delivery (CD)
  • Why CD?
  • Build a Continuous Delivery Pipeline
  • Continuous Delivery Tools

Topic 4 Infrastructure as Code

  • What is Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
  • Benefits of IaC
  • IaC Tools
  • Examples of IaC

Course Admin


Who Should Attend

  • Project Managers
  • IT Professionals


Agile Project Management TrainerStephen Tan is a Supply Chain professional and practitioner with extensive experiences in End to End Supply Chain, Operations and Supply Management. His experience hails from his career at senior management level at MNC, SME and Non-Profit organisation with industries ranging from Electronic, Chemical, Healthcare, and Offshore & Marine including Oil & Gas industries. He graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration with Distinction from RMIT University. Stephen also has an MBA from Macquarie University as well as a Certified Diploma in Accounting & Finance (ACCA, UK). He is awarded Life Time Certification in Supply Management from ISM, USA and the IE study award with Singapore Management University for Global Supply Chain Management.

He trains (ACTA certified), lecture and does adhoc consultancy project and had worked a philanthropic organization and currently Unilever Indonesia working on Supply Chain and Operations optimization after his stint with a Norwegian regional AP office working on ERP project.

Stephen is an ardent and enthusiastic user of MS Excel not only to simplify reporting for KPI but also as a tool for problem solving, decision making and cost optimization. He has also created various MS Excel tools that linked with ERP to create What-If scenario to solve problem and provide optimum solution. He believes in lifelong learning and has obtained a Specialist Diploma in Business Intelligence and Data Analytic in 2017. He desires to extend the Data Visualization capability of MS Excel, deepening his knowledge, simplifying it and sharing and teaching his knowledge to professional as well as layman.

He had worked previously with HP, CMB as Regional Procurement and handles End to End Supply Chain, Operations, Logistics with top European Flavor and Fragrance companies: Dragoco, Symrise. He also does IT projects, ERP implementations with various systems ranging from RenCS, SAP, IFS and as well as smaller SAGE-ACCPAC supply module systems which automates as well as optimize resources.

He has also developed business analytic system for Supply Chain, Order management, On-Time Delivery and Inventory Control system using combination of Excel, MS Access and other IT tools to leverage data from IT and ERP syste ms.

Agile Project Management TrainerWesley Tan graduated with a Master of Business in IT from the RMIT (Australia). Currently, founder of technology service company based in Singapore catering e-commence, RFID-based, iOT and asset tracking and trace solutions, consulting and project delivery. He specializes in Excel for both basic and advance levels (ICDL certification from UK), conducting Joomla and e-commence (Virtue Mart) workshops.

Devops TrainerDEV PANDEY is a AWS Professional certified trainer. He is a Solution Architect / DevOps consultant in the field of Engineering Designing and Infrastructure Automation CI/CD Pipelines. He has over 12 years’ experience in Solution designing / IT industry with several MNCs including Accenture, Gemalto, Thales,Admiral etc., with specialization in Automation Infrastructure Design (AWS Integration with DevOps Automation cycle in CI/CD manner), High Availability and DR site designing failover applications monitoring. With wide DevOps skill tools i:e Chef Ansible, Jenkins, etc. including run infrastructure run as a code Python, JSON etc.

Dev Pandey graduated with a BSC-IT degree in Computer Science Engineering holds from EIILM.

Agile TrainerAlaudeen has over 20 years of industrial experience in IT system development, service management, handling large scale mission critical projects especially for financial institutions, manufacturing & logistics. When he was a senior manager with major banks, he oversaw the project management from “end to end” implementation, he has solid experience in handling large teams worldwide and has proven experience in MSSQL, Oracle, DB2 databases, Agile methodology projects, ITIL, System management and programming skills such as .NET, 4GL, Power builder & DevOps.

Alaudeen specializes in designing and developing Web and Client/Sever applications and has vast experience in system development and migration. His main technical skill set includes development language/tools like .Net, 4GL and the platforms diverged from UNIX, Linux & Windows servers. In addition, he has very strong knowledge on almost all database engines, for instance, MSSQL, DB2, Sybase and Oracle.

Agile Management TrainerTerence Ee has delivered IT training in Singapore and Myanmar. He has also facilitated faith formation courses for Christians in Singapore and Myanmar. As a trainer, his mission is to co-create insightful and actionable learning experiences with his learners.His current areas of focus include project management, information security management, quality management and office productivity applications.

Terence has more than 25 years of corporate IT experience. He has held senior management roles in the public and private sectors. He holds a Master of Science in Technology Management, a Bachelor of Science in Computer and Information Sciences, a Diploma in Family Education, and the Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA). Part of his spare time goes towards tutoring his children in their studies (while learning a thing or two along the way). He is also imparting to them the essential skills for thriving in a digital world.

Agile Project Management TrainerTruman Ng graduated with Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering from NUS in year 2002. He designed Artificial Intelligence (AI) controller for DC-DC Power Convertor by using Fuzzy Logic and Neural Network (NN) as his university Final Year Project.

Truman has over 15 years project experiences across Database & Web Design, PLC machinery, Data Center Design , Structure Cabling System(SCS) and Enterprise Network Design and Implementation. He used to be a network architect for Hewlett Packard, working with a group of virtual team from the US in handling network design and projects in the States.

Truman is the founder of Nexplore (S) Pte Ltd. He provides solutions of Cloud SaaS, IaaS & PaaS and Software Defined Network (SDN), VoIP and Internet Security. He was engaged by Huawei Global Training Center to provide 60+ consultations and trainings for Internet Service Providers(ISP) from Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Philipines, Australia, Poland, Iran, South Africa, Swaziland, Cote Dlvoire, Syria, Uzbekistan, New Zealand and countries over the world.
As achievement, Truman has successfully completed 100+ IT network projects for Bank, Hotel and Factory within 5 years.
Truman is certified in PMP, Cisco CCNP, CCIP, CCDP, HP Ase and Huawei HCNP, HCIE R&S, HCNA Cloud, HCNA Security, etc.

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