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We provide a number of HTML5 and CSS3 courses in Singapore from beginner level to advanced level.

You can apply SkillsFuture Credit and WDA subsidy for those SkillsFuture and WDA approved courses. All courses are PIC claimable

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  • HTML5 and CSS3 Essential Training

    5 Review(s)
    This HTML learning course introduces basic HTML to beginners. The course will explain what HTML is, how it's structured, and presents the major tags and features of the language. Discover how to format text and lists, add images and flow text around them, link to other pages and sites, embed audio and video, and create HTML forms. Additional tutorials cover the new elements in HTML5, the latest version of HTML, and p....

  • CSS3 Fundamentals Training

    This CSS3 Fundamental Course is an in-depth training on CSS3 .You will learn all about CSS selectors, pseudo class, new CSS3 properties, CSS animation and CSS3 frameworks Topics include: Overview of CSS CSS Selectors Pseudo Class Nth Child Pseudo Class CSS Properties CSS3 Properties Basics of CSS3 Animations CSS3 Frameworks and Grid SkillsFuture Credit Applicable for Individual WDA Training Grant App....

  • CSS3 Animation Training

    CSS animation offers a whole new way to bring motion to interactive projects. It's a core skill for web designers and developers and a feature users have come to expect from modern websites. This course will provide training on a series of basic CSS animation projects: site features such as rollover buttons, 3D transforms, animated graphics and logos, load screens, and more. This training will also cover CSS Flexbox,....

  • Responsive Web Design Using Bootstrap 3 Training

    2 Review(s)
    Discover how to use responsive web design to make your site more readable and efficient—on any device. The trainer will show specialized techniques for combining HTML and CSS into a web layout that can adapt to different screen sizes and orientations. The course takes the site from start to finish, from setting up the HTML page and containers to styling established elements for small, medium, and large screens.....

  • Sass Essential Training

    SASS (Syntactically Awesome Stylesheet) is a CSS pre-processor, which helps to reduce repetition with CSS and saves time. It is more stable and powerful CSS extension language that describes the style of document structurally. This course on Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets (Sass),will help you write CSS better, faster, and with more advanced features. The topics include: Working with variables Nesting styles a....

  • Adobe Dreamweaver CC Essential Training

    Build standards-compliant websites from the ground up with Dreamweaver CC, the industry leading web design and development application from Adobe. In this course, we will show you all you need to get started, including a tour of the user interface and guidance on creating new pages, setting up a logical structure for content, and generating clear and accessible code. Find out how to use Dreamweaver to speed up the de....

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