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Full Java Programming Training

This is a 2 days full course on Java programming. The trainer will introduce the basics: data types, strings, arrays, expressions, loops, and functions. She'll help you control the flow and logic of your code, and create classes using the principles of object-oriented design. Then go a bit beyond the basics and learn advanced techniques for working with arrays, manipulating files, and building graphical user interfaces (GUIs) that respond to user input. This three-hour capsule course is perfect for developers who need to get up to speed with Java fast, as well as for beginning programmers who want their first taste of this popular language.
Topics include:

  • Downloading and exploring NetBeans
  • Understanding Java basics: data types, strings, arrays, and more
  • Controlling flow with functions and loops
  • Creating classes
  • Sorting and searching arrays
  • Manipulating files
  • Simplified generics
  • Working with advanced class structures (member, local inner, etc.)
  • Using the Reflection API
  • Navigating inheritance trees
  • Managing unordered and ordered sets
  • Peeking and polling with queues
  • Testing and error handling
  • Managing files and directories
  • Working with I/O streams
  • Multi-threading

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Course Code: CRS-N-0034964

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$498.00 (GST-exclusive)

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Course Cancellation/Reschedule Policy

We reserve the right to cancel or re-schedule the course due to unforeseen circumstances. If the course is cancelled, we will refund 100% to participants.
Note the venue of the training is subject to changes due to class size and availability of the classroom.
Note the minimal class size to start a class is 3 Pax.

Training Grant and Subsidy

All Singaporeans aged 25 and above can use their $500 SkillsFuture Credit from the government to pay for a wide range of approved skills-related courses. Visit the SkillsFuture Credit website to choose from the courses available on the SkillsFuture Credit course directory

Course Details

Day 1

Module 1. Getting Started

  • What is Java?
  • Downloading the Java IDE (NetBeans) 
  • Flowcharting and UML diagrams
  • Understanding algorithms 
  • Exploring the IDE 
  • Command-line programming with Java 
  • Creating Java docs 

Module 2. Java Basics

  • Anatomy of a Java program 
  • Understanding data types 
  • Using strings 
  • Understanding arrays 
  • Understanding implicit and explicit conversion
  • Debugging logic and syntax errors 
  • Using the debugger

Module 3. Flow of Control

  • Understanding basic expressions 
  • Working with decisions
  • Comparing different types of loops 
  • Using predefined functions 
  • Creating user-defined functions
  • Using call by value and call by reference
  • Overloading functions 

Module 4. Classes and Objects

  • Creating classes 
  • Instantiating classes 
  • Using encapsulation 
  • Understanding inheritance 
  • Working with polymorphism

Module 5. Advanced Arrays

  • Revisiting arrays 
  • Working with two-dimenional arrays
  • Using ArrayLists 
  • Introducing recursion
  • Sorting arrays 
  • Searching arrays 

Day 2

Module 6. Using Generics

  • Exploring the simplified use of generics
  • Using underscores in numeric literals
  • Using strings in switch statements

Module 7. Using Advanced Class Structures

  • Using static initializers
  • Using instance field initializers
  • Using member classes
  • Using local inner classes
  • Using anonymous inner classes
  • Creating and using enumeration classes

Module 8. Using the Reflection API

  • Using the Class class
  • Instantiating classes dynamically
  • Navigating inheritance trees

Module 9. More of the Collections Framework

  • Managing unordered sets with HashSet
  • Managing ordered sets with TreeSet
  • Controlling list order with LinkedList
  • Peeking and polling with queues

Module 10. Testing and Advanced Exception Handling

  • Exploring test-driven development with the assert keyword
  • Using the finally keyword
  • Using try-with-resources in Java 7
  • Defining and throwing a custom exception

Module 11. Managing Files and Directories in Java 7

  • Using the Path class
  • Managing files and directories
  • Reading and writing text files
  • Walking the directory tree
  • Finding files
  • Watching a directory for file changes

Module 12. Working with I/O Streams

  • Reading and writing byte streams
  • Reading and writing character streams
  • Using buffered streams
  • Scanning tokenized text

Module 13. Working with Multi-threading

  • Extending the Thread class
  • Implementing the Runnable interface
  • Interrupting a thread
  • Synchronizing threads

Who Should Attend

  • Programmers who want to learn basic and advanced Java
  • Java Developers who want to learn more about Java




Java TrainerAngel Koh has over 15 years experience with the maritime and defence industry building information systems for full scale development programs; working with a myriad of programming and computing languages and tools, ranging from programming languages like C# and Java to computing languages like Octave and ArcGis. His specialization is in the field of data fusion and mapping. He is always passionate to adopt new technologies and skills to add to his repertoire of computer knowledge.

In his free time, he likes to tinker with his RigidBot 3D printer, building simple household objects with Adobe 123D Design and OpenSCAD.

Java TrainerAmeenudeen has extensive experience in software development over the past 6 years. He graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic with a Diploma in Information Technology and is a certified IBM Certified Associate Developer - Rational Application Developer V8. He had his own startup together with like-minded individuals at the age of 21.

Over his 6 year stint, he took part in numerous hackathons notably the Google Plugfest Competition where his team came within the top 10 placing.

His expertise mainly lies in Java and J2EE software development although he is proficient with Web Frameworks such as Bootstrap and CSS.

Java TrainerSia King Shyan has over 19 years of industrial experience in IT project management, system development, support and administration. His last job as a project manager with Maybank required him to often interact with branch staff across the country by providing support and training to them. When he was an assistant vice president with DBS, he managed and implemented virtual infrastructure related projects, covering platforms like VMWare and AIX PowerVM. When he was a senior manager with the Republic Polytechnic, he oversaw the project management for the Corporate and Governance services, and started up and managed a support team taking care of general application support, MSSQL databases, SharePoint and system deployment.

King Shyan specializes in designing and developing Web and Client/Sever applications and has vast experience in system development and migration. His main technical skill set includes development language/tools like .Net, Java, PowerBuilder to C++/ C and the platforms diverged from UNIX, VAX/VMS to Windows servers. In addition, he has very strong knowledge on almost all database engines, for instance, MSSQL, DB2, Sybase and Oracle.

Java TrainerJoseph Bernabe Bagnes have 6 years total experience in IT industry. I started as Professional Instructor under Sun Microsystems and Oracle University handling Fundamentals of Java and Advanced JavaEE courses. As an instructor of Sun Microsystems itself, He went through a very comprehensive training which gave me a very solid foundation of Java knowledge. He then went to Hewlett-Packard as a developer practising and realizing all my knowledge into building enterprise-level applications with high business value. I am currently working with Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank, a French bank, started as a developer and currently serving as Technology Lead and Architect of Transverse Security Services division. During my free time, He a lot of freelance programming, YouTube programming tutorials, spending time answering questions in Stack Overflow and contributing to open-source projects like Spring Security (Kerberos extension). I conduct seminars and talks to various universities and schools.

His portfolio in professional training includes:

  • Fundamentals of Java (training course for people with no or minimal experience in Java)
  • Advance Java (training course for developers with enough experience in Java SE)
  • Enterprise Java (training course for developers building web applications using Java EE)
  • Java Certifications review (training course for people preparing for Java certification exams)

Topics that he have expert-level knowledge and I conduct tutorials:

  • Spring Framework and Spring MVC
  • Hibernate and Java Persistence API
  • Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager

Java TrainerChe Hoe has experience in software development with special interest in web technologies. Graduated from Singapore Polytechnic Information Technology, he had undertaken the role of frontend web developer in various hackathons and most recently, the Microsoft Imagine Cup. He was also an active volunteer in UXSG - a user-experience based community in Singapore - to garner knowledge on the relationship between usability of the web and the user. Che Hoe has been enrolled in NUS Information Systems under the School of Computing.

Java TrainerSunny Prakash is a Big Data Architect with Programming Background . He has around 7 years of IT experience. He has worked on Various Enterprise level solution. He is skilled in Cloud computing and Big Data Solution building in various Industrial sector and domain.

With an Strong background in Coding skills, he has a strong grips on Java,Python ,Scala ,HTML,JavaScript, Node Programming. Data Science is another specification where he has worked with larger Enterprises for finding their Data Insight and building Machine Learning mode

Java TrainerBimala Mishra has Overall 13 years of IT experience, with strong exposure in Database, Business Intelligence and Analytics domains. She has extensively worked on implementation of Enterprise Datawarehouse and BI solutions. She is a Certified Business Intelligence Professional from ICCP, USA (2013). Bimala’s varied career includes Data Analysis, Design and development of enterprise solution. She has done Masters in Computer application from one of the pioneer institutes of India and have worked on MNC such as Hewlett Packard. She is an expert on SQL backend Query, Excel, QlikView, Qlik Sense, C Programming, Java, Python to name a few. She enjoys working with both adults and youngsters. Currently she is an active volunteer of NLB S.T.A.R program, where she teaches Seniors about NLB mobile Apps and assists secondary students in her children school on their computer project assignments.

Java TrainerJibrail has 10 years experience of software and web systems development and management combining both business needs and leading edge technologies to deliver solutions. Among some of his prominent systems he had worked on were Java stock trading system used by UOBKayHian, iocbc and KimEng. Also, he had written a forex accumulator module for Citibank for frontoffice bank staff.

He was also been involved in multiple PHP, Coldfusion, .NET solutions. He was involved in Vivocity Carpark Redemption System, written Moodle modules for private schools in Australia and created PHP based products. MDWPMerchant is a product written in php and was featured in several Moodle conferences. Another product developed and currently sold in Singapore market is a WIFI solution for cafe and restaurants. A prominent customer of this WIFI product is Culina at Dempsey.

Currently running an IT company delivering solutions, he is involved in management, training and consultancy on a day-to-day basis. The consultancy services covers infrastructure from software, networking, security and hardware aspects."

Java DeveloperRakesh has around 4+ years of experience in UI and Front End Development. He has worked on various domains including Banking & Finance, Health Care and Media & Entertainment for developing Web applications and Mobile applications using technologies like Bootstrap,Angularjs,HTML5,CSS,JQuery,Javascript, Nodejs,Express,Gulp, Git,SASS,LESS,Karma,ES6 and Babel.

Java TrainerDr. Sarita Singh received her Ph.D. degree for her work done in the area of Information Security. She is the recipient of the prestigious Infosys fellowship for pursuing her Ph.D. Programme. She has more than twenty-five years of teaching and research experience in Singapore, Malaysia and India in the field of Programming, Information Security, Web-application Development, Computer Networks and Engineering related modules.

She has presented papers at several National and International Conferences and has written articles for magazines. She has authored text-books for Engineering courses as well.

Java TrainerDr. Shailey Chawla is an experienced academician and researcher with over 10 years of experience in teaching and research. Her PhD research topic was on Web Requirements Engineering. She has published various research papers and book chapters in reputed international journals and conferences. Her recent research has been in Big Data Analytics at Hong Kong Polytechnic University where she worked on Urban Data Analytics and Educational Data Mining. She is proficient in R, Python, Java, Advanced Excel, Data Mining, C, Linux programming among various other core computing subjects.

Java DeveloperSteve Tan Jianhao is a experienced trainer and has been a freelance web developer for 6 years. He has also created web applications that has won various hackathons and competitions. He also knows various programming languages like: Elixir, Ruby, JavaScript, React.js, Python, Java, C, etc. Steve is pursuing a Degree in Computer Science in NTU.

Java TrainerMeena is an enthusiastic software engineer who has 5+ years of experience in IT industry. She has experience in handling university students and corporate staffs. She is proficient in Java, JEE, C, C++, JavaScript, HTML. She has the ability to teach technical information in layman’s terms.

Java TrainerAriff is a recent Graduate from Murdoch University in BSc in Business Information System and Management (Double Major). He is a MOE Registered Instructor teaching in most of the Information Technology and Multimedia aspects such as Web programmer, Mobile App Developer, Video director and editor, and game development and design (PC and Mobile). Besides Information Technology and Multimedia, he is also giving entrepreneurship, leadership workshops and motivation speech training.

He has a strong passion in IT and gaming design been since 2005. He is currently doing games design for his own project and continues to teach and share his knowledge. He still hungers for new skills to keep himself up to date as technology continues to change.

Java TrainerSiva Kumar is an experienced Solutions Architect with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in J2EE Web Services, Oracle Database, Maven, C++, and Apache Kafka. He is a strong engineering professional with a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) focused in Computer Science from JNTU University Hyderabad.

Customer Reviews (11)

Will RecommendReview by Crystal Joy Bustos
1. Do you find the course meet your expectation?
2. Do you find the trainer knowledgeable in this subject?
3. How do you find the training environment
. (Posted on 8/1/2018)
My instructor, Angel, was great and very knowledgeable.Review by Cherie
1. Do you find the course meet your expectation?
2. Do you find the trainer knowledgeable in this subject?
3. How do you find the training environment
Can have a full 5 day because 2 days can be a little rushed (Posted on 7/18/2018)
Might RecomemndReview by Dhylan Boey
1. Do you find the course meet your expectation?
2. Do you find the trainer knowledgeable in this subject?
3. How do you find the training environment
Take more time to explain concepts in more detail (Posted on 6/18/2018)
Will RecommendReview by Goh Zhi Hwee
1. Do you find the course meet your expectation?
2. Do you find the trainer knowledgeable in this subject?
3. How do you find the training environment
Nil (Posted on 4/25/2018)
Will RecommendReview by Abhijit
1. Do you find the course meet your expectation?
2. Do you find the trainer knowledgeable in this subject?
3. How do you find the training environment
pread out to 4 days with more practice and explanation in between (Posted on 4/18/2018)
Will RecommendReview by sng siok ching
1. Do you find the course meet your expectation?
2. Do you find the trainer knowledgeable in this subject?
3. How do you find the training environment
it will be good if you can provide the example code at the start of the class or before the day so I can follow the lecturer better. (Posted on 4/18/2018)
Will RecommendReview by David Ang
1. Do you find the course meet your expectation?
2. Do you find the trainer knowledgeable in this subject?
3. How do you find the training environment
Nil (Posted on 4/15/2018)
Will RecommendReview by Wang Jianwu
1. Do you find the course meet your expectation?
2. Do you find the trainer knowledgeable in this subject?
3. How do you find the training environment
Nil (Posted on 3/29/2018)
Will RecommendReview by Jess Tan
1. Do you find the course meet your expectation?
2. Do you find the trainer knowledgeable in this subject?
3. How do you find the training environment
Learned about Java fundamental Concept

So far so good (Posted on 10/17/2017)
Will RecommendReview by Yu Jaliria
1. Do you find the course meet your expectation?
2. Do you find the trainer knowledgeable in this subject?
3. How do you find the training environment
Training Facilities can be improved overall not bad

2 Full days training for FULL Java can't really satisfy the needs, unless the title is Java Fundamental for Bgeinners (Posted on 10/16/2017)
Will RecommendReview by Tan Wei Xiang
1. Do you find the course meet your expectation?
2. Do you find the trainer knowledgeable in this subject?
3. How do you find the training environment
Put the correct date on the certificate. (Posted on 8/14/2017)

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2. Do you find the trainer knowledgeable in this subject?
3. How do you find the training environment
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