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Autodesk Revit Structural Training

Revit is a great program for structural engineering, offering cutting-edge tools for designing solid structures and publishing clear, easy-to-share documentation. This course focuses on the major components of Revit used for structural design, featuring examples in metric units (meters). The course is designed for members with no Revit experience, or for more advanced users who want to jump to a topic and start from there.

Course Highlights

  • Linking architecture
  • Creating levels
  • Creating view templates
  • Adding steel columns
  • Creating foundations with footings, piers, and pilasters
  • Designing retaining walls
  • Adding framing with beam systems
  • Creating a slab floor
  • Reinforcing with rebar
  • Adding brace frames
  • Creating stairs and ramps
  • Detailing and annotating drawings
  • Creating schedules
  • Adding and attaching trusses
  • Plotting and sharing files
AutoDesk Authorised Training Center (ATC) in Singapore


All participants will receive a Certificate of Completion from Tertiary Courses and official Autodesk Certificate of Completion after achieved at least 75% attendance.

Autodesk Certificate of Completion

Funding and Grant Applications

No funding is available for this course

Course Code: CRS-N-0050385

Course Booking

$498.00 (GST-exclusive)

Course Date

Course Time

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Course Cancellation/Reschedule Policy

We reserve the right to cancel or re-schedule the course due to unforeseen circumstances. If the course is cancelled, we will refund 100% to participants.
Note the venue of the training is subject to changes due to class size and availability of the classroom.
Note the minimal class size to start a class is 3 Pax.

Course Details

Day 1

Topic 1. Setting Up the Project

  • Linking architecture
  • Creating levels
  • Copy monitor
  • Adding and setting up structural views
  • Creating view templates

Topic 2. Grids and Columns

  • Adding grids to the model
  • Adding steel columns to the model
  • Creating column offsets
  • Creating a column schedule

Topic 3. Foundations

  • Adding foundation walls
  • Adding wall footings
  • Adding piers and pilasters
  • Adding isolated footings
  • Creating a CMU elevator shaft
  • Shaft openings
  • Foundation slabs
  • Adding step footings
  • Tagging a step footing
  • Adding a step footing family
  • Retaining walls and footings

Topic 4. Steel Framing

  • Adding perimeter beams
  • Adding beam systems
  • Modifying beam systems
  • Copy and Paste Aligned
  • Altering beam elevations
  • Adding joist systems
  • Tagging framing

Topic 5. Floors and Slabs

  • Creating a slab on grade
  • Adding a concrete floor with steel decking
  • Cantilevering slab edges
  • Creating thickened slabs
  • Creating slab depressions

Topic 6. Reinforcing

  • Parallel to face
  • Perpendicular to face
  • Sketching rebar
  • Adding area reinforcing
  • View settings

Day 2

Topic 7. Steel Brace Frames

  • Adding a brace frame elevation
  • Adding a brace frame
  • Modifying plan view symbology
  • Adding brace frame gussets
  • Creating a brace frame sheet

Topic 8. Stairs, Ramps, and Slopes

  • Creating stairs
  • Adding C shapes to stringers
  • Creating ramps
  • Sloping slabs

Topic 9. Detailing and Annotating

  • Sections and callouts
  • Coping
  • Adding detail components
  • Inserting AutoCAD
  • Adding text
  • Adding dimensions

Topic 10. Schedules and Tagging

  • Footing schedules
  • Pier schedules
  • Creating a pier tag
  • Creating a material takeoff

Topic 11. Trusses

  • Adding Howe trusses
  • Attaching trusses to roofs
  • Changing truss materials
  • Editing the truss bottom chord
  • Detailing trusses

Topic 12. Project Management

  • Phasing
  • Keynoting
  • Revisions
  • Plotting
  • File sharing

Topic 13. The Steel Tab

  • Configuring the connection settings
  • Adding a base plate
  • Adding a clip angle
  • Adding a column support
  • Customize a connection
  • Breaking a connection
  • Adding a plate and bolts
  • Adding welds and symbols
  • Adding modifiers
  • Adding a miter
  • Adding parametric cuts

Course Admin


Who Should Attend

  • Architectural Designers
  • 3D Designers
  • Structure Designers


Revit TrainerJyoti Chopra has professional experience in teaching Autocad, 3DsMax and Revit in a recognized teaching institute. She has been rAutoCad teacher with 4 years of experience in teaching designing principles and introducing students to designing softwares. She hhas experience as Architectural Designer performing design, simulation and drafting of various residential and landscape projects in Singapore. Her skillsets are AutoCAD, Revit, 3Ds Max. Adobe Photoshop and Furniture Design, Graphics, Sketching and 2D/3D Simulation. She is also Autodesk Certified Professional (Autocad)

Revit trainerBernadette graduated from the University of Melbourne, specialising in Architecture. She has a variety of soft skills from her vast exposure from designing to the building construction discipline. Since returning to Singapore in 2015, she too has worked in various fields aside from her full-time job as an Architectural Assistant such as teaching young children arts and crafts as well as educating professional working adults in their soft skills development. She has recently returned for her studies at the National University of Singapore in pursue of her further studies.

Revit TrainerHui Qin graduated from Singapore Institute of Technology with a Masters in Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering (Building Services). She has years of experience in various capacities in the building and construction industry serving as a property officer at a MICE venue and as a consultant handling projects. Her experience in using Revit comes from her work responsibilities and her degree course curriculum. In addition, she is also a certified fire safety manager.

Revit trainerCharlie Chan graduated from Nanyang Academic of Fine Arts last mid-year. Under the major of Interior & Exhibition Design. Currently, He has been working in an architectural firm as an interior designer. He is familiar with AutoDesk software, as He used them both in school and work.

Revit TrainerNoel Kanaparthi has more than 2 years of experience in engineering analysis and design, Noel is primarily an Aerospace engineer with a primary focus in Aerodynamics and Fluid Dynamics with industrial and scholastic research experience using commercial computational software like ANSYSTM Fluent. Apart from starting his career as stress Engineer at Atkins in the Aerospace business, his project for almost a year included working on static stress for wing leading-edge ribs under Airbus’ A321 programme. After which he was temporarily seconded to another business as an HVAC engineer working for another year on Building Information Modelling (BIM) using REVIT software. Desiring to re-track to his primary forte which is aerodynamics, he went on to pursue a Masters course majoring in Turbulent Flow and Compressor Aerodynamics. Whilst being a student, he interned at Dyson in Singapore working on CFD and development for some of their most niche products. His passionate topics amongst his core include Turbo-compressors, aircraft conceptual design and internal and external aerodynamics

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