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AutoCAD Electrical Training

AutoCAD Electrical is a powerful AutoCAD add-on for electrical designers and engineers. It offers automated drafting tools for designing wiring, circuiting, PLC modules, panels, and more. This course provides the training to help you get up to speed with AutoCAD Electrical quickly. .

Course Highlights

  • Navigating the AutoCAD Electrical interface
  • Creating electrical drawings
  • Inserting, editing, and numbering wires
  • Inserting components
  • Using 3-phase ladders and components
  • Working with saved circuits
  • Using the Circuit Clipboard and Circuit Builder
  • Editing, moving, copying, and deleting components
  • Copying installation and location code values
  • Editing panel drawings
  • Inserting terminals and jumpers
  • Using PLC symbols
  • Inserting connectors for point-to-point wiring
  • Creating custom symbols
  • Setting up title blocks
  • Running reports
  • Adjusting settings and templates
  • Using the drawing update tools

AutoDesk Authorised Training Center (ATC) in Singapore


All participants will receive a Certificate of Completion from Tertiary Courses after achieved at least 75% attendance.

Funding and Grant Applications

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For Singaporeans: SkillsFuture Credit

For Company: WSG Absentee Payroll

Course Code: CRS-N-0050383

Course Booking

$498.00 (GST-exclusive)

Course Date

Course Time

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Course Cancellation/Reschedule Policy

We reserve the right to cancel or re-schedule the course due to unforeseen circumstances. If the course is cancelled, we will refund 100% to participants.
Note the venue of the training is subject to changes due to class size and availability of the classroom.
Note the minimal class size to start a class is 3 Pax.

Course Details

Day 1

Module 1. Explore the AutoCAD Electrical User Interface

  • Explore the AutoCAD Electrical user interface
  • Use the AutoCAD Electrical ribbon
  • The Project Manager
  • Drafting Settings dialog box
  • Quick Access Toolbar (QAT)

Module 2. Manage Files and Projects

  • Open projects
  • Open drawings
  • Use AutoCAD Electrical template files (DWT) to add new drawings
  • Manage project paths and file paths in AutoCAD Electrical

Module 3. Navigate in the Drawing

  • Use zoom and pan
  • Use the mouse
  • Navigate project drawings

Module 4. Work in a Project

  • Access project files and drawings
  • Create a new electrical drawing in a project
  • Add a regular drawing to a project file
  • Manage drawings in projects with the project drawing list

Module 5. Schematics: Single Wires and Components

  • Use ladders in a drawing
  • Insert and edit wires
  • Add rungs to ladders
  • Number wires
  • Source and destination signal arrows
  • Insert components
  • Parent and child components

Module 6. Schematics: Multiwiring and Circuits

  • Use dashed link lines
  • 3-phase ladders
  • Multiple Wire Bus dialog
  • Use 3-phase components
  • Number 3-phase wiring
  • Use cable markers
  • WBLOCK circuits
  • Work with saved circuits
  • Add saved circuits to the icon menu
  • Copy and move a circuit
  • Use the Circuit Clipboard
  • Use the Circuit Builder

Module 7. AutoCAD Electrical Editing Commands

  • Edit with the marking menu
  • Use the Project Task List
  • Use the SCOOT command
  • Move components
  • Copy components
  • Align components
  • Delete components
  • Use the Surfer command (AESURF)
  • Use the Copy Catalog Assignment
  • Copy installation and location code values
  • Use the attribute editing commands

Module 8. Work with Panel Drawings

  • Use Insert Footprint (Icon Menu)
  • Use Insert Footprint (Schematic Menu)
  • Insert Component (Manufacturer Menu)
  • Edit panel footprints
  • Assign item numbers and add balloons to panels

Day 2

Module 9. Work with Terminals

  • Save Insert terminal symbols into drawings
  • Save Use multiple-level terminals
  • Save Insert jumper terminals
  • Save Create a jumper chart
  • Use the DIN Rail command

Module 10. Use PLC Symbols

  • Insert a PLC (parametric)
  • Insert a PLC (full units)
  • Insert PLC I/O points
  • Tag PLC symbols
  • Use the Spreadsheet to PLC I/O function

Module 11. Use Point-to-Point Wiring

  • Insert and edit connectors
  • Use and insert splices
  • Use and insert multiple wires
  • Bend wires

Module 12. Create Custom Symbols

  • The Symbol Builder
  • Insert standard attributes
  • Insert wire connection attributes
  • Save the new symbol
  • Insert the new symbol
  • Add new symbols to the Icon Menu

Module 13. AutoCAD Electrical Titleblocks

  • Update titleblocks
  • Set up AutoCAD Electrical titleblocks

Module 14. Report in AutoCAD Electrical

  • Save to external files
  • Put reports on drawings
  • Configure report templates
  • Run automatic reports
  • Use the Electrical Audit command

Module 15. Settings and Templates

  • Set project properties
  • Set drawing properties
  • Set the panel drawing configuration
  • Set up a template file

Module 16. Use Drawing Update Tools

  • Update and retag projects
  • Use project-wide utilities
  • Plot projects
  • Export projects to spreadsheets
  • Update a project from a spreadsheet
  • Copy a project
  • Swap and update blocks
  • Mark and verify drawings

Course Admin


No prior knowledge on AutoCAD is required;

Software Requirement

Participants need to bring their laptops with Autodesk software installed on their laptops for the training. If participant does not have the laptop and software, we can provide spare laptops with licensed Autodesk software

Who Should Attend

  • Electrical Engineers


AutoCAD Certified ProfessionalJyoti Chopra has professional experience in teaching Autocad, 3DsMax and Revit in a recognized teaching institute. She has been a AutoCad teacher with 4 years of experience in teaching designing principles and introducing students to designing softwares. She hhas experience as Architectural Designer performing design, simulation and drafting of various residential and landscape projects in Singapore. Her skillsets are AutoCAD, Revit, 3Ds Max. Adobe Photoshop and Furniture Design, Graphics, Sketching and 2D/3D Simulation. She is also Autodesk Certified Professional (Autocad)

AutoCAD Certified ProfessionalGoh Hao Ming graduated from the National University of Singapore with a strong interest in 3D modelling and prototyping. He has used 3D modelling software extensively in his work and education and is a AutoCAD Certified Professional and is familiar with AutoCAD’s programing interface, VisualLisp for improving workflow and efficiency of work.

AutoCAD TrainerSivamoorthy Kanagalingam’s scope of work focuses on numerical analysis and uses Fluent for flow and thermal analysis. Computational fluid dynamics has prominent applications in the fields of Aerospace, Automobile, Mechanical, Oil and Gas, Civil, Urban development, Environment etc. Siva has been working on CFD since 2010 and completed many projects in Aerospace and Mechanical sectors. He is still an active user of Ansys CFX, Fluent, ICEM CFD, OpenFOAM and currently involved in multiphase, dynamic analysis.

Sivamoorthy Kanagalingam is a passionate Aerospace Engineer with interest and experience in Aerodynamics, Fluid Dynamics, Fluid Structure Interaction, Computational Fluid Dynamics

AutoCAD TrainerJason is a freelance designer with a big passion for creating 3D Interactive walk-through and have 4 years of experience in Interior design industry with a large spectrum of skills.My passion for design and visualization has always pushed me to keep learning and constantly trying to improve my Skills.I come equipped with a huge arsenal of knowledge and experience with an array of software, technologies and methodologies.

He pride himself on being able to learn, master and innovate using nearly any software handed to him. From Blueprints in UE4 to data driven modelling applications like Autocad to 3D modelling packages like 3Ds Max and Maya. I revel in the challenge of mastering the unknown and making it work.

AutoCAD trainerBernadette graduated from the University of Melbourne, specialising in Architecture. She has a variety of soft skills from her vast exposure from designing to the building construction discipline. Since returning to Singapore in 2015, she too has worked in various fields aside from her full-time job as an Architectural Assistant such as teaching young children arts and crafts as well as educating professional working adults in their soft skills development. She has recently returned for her studies at the National University of Singapore in pursue of her further studies.

Autocad trainer Charlie CHANG CHENG CHIEH graduated from Nanyang Academic of Fine Arts last mid-year. Under the major of Interior & Exhibition Design. Currently, He has been working in an architectural firm as an interior designer. He is familiar with AutoDesk software, as He used them both in school and work.

AutoCAD TrainerSingaram is a Year 4 Aerospace Engineering student at Nanyang Technological University who has experience teaching Solidworks and has done a water sampling machine assembly and an Arduino shield design. He is currently designing an airplane. He is familiar with other design softwares including Autodesk Fusion 360 and Autodesk 123D Design.

He has experience in Raspberry Pi programming as well.

CAD TrainerRuban Sundara Raj is is a Versatile Problem-solver with vast experience in design and development of, mechanical and electronics products and software application.

He has more over 2 and half years of experience in design and development of veterinary tissue sampling equipment, RFID animal and management tags, PCBA enclosures and conveyor systems. In addition to above stated He has experience in firmware development and Big data analytics using python, computer and android application development using Java

His is familiar with design tools such as SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD.

AutoCAD TrainerKoh Hui Min has extensive experience in designing, developing and managing for radio-frequency identification tag, production fixture and inventory management. In addition, He is proficient in using software, SolidWorks and working knowledge in using AutoCAD and Creo

Graphics DesignerBelinda graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) in 2017 with a diploma in Furniture & Spatial Design. With 3 years of training in software skills , mainly Photoshop , Illustrator , Rhinoceros , Inventor ,T spline, Autocad and Vray. Belinda works with softer and rounder forms that are more challenging to create . Also more towards graphic design in Photoshop and Illustrator for most occasions.

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