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Typescript Essential Training

TypeScript lets you write JavaScript "the way you really want to." TypeScript compiles to plain JavaScript, so it works in any browser, any host, and any OS. It adds a variety of helpful syntax and tools onto an already mature language, bringing the power and productivity of static typing and object-oriented development to core JavaScript. Plus, it's completely open source. This course will teache you how to leverage the full power of the TypeScript language in your JavaScript applications, starting by revisiting some JavaScript fundamentals. 

The topics include:

  • What is TypeScript?
  • Installing TypeScript
  • Creating a TypeScript project
  • Reviewing ES6 language features
  • Specifying JavaScript types
  • Defining custom and anonymous types
  • Defining and implementing TypeScript classes
  • Working with generics
  • Organizing code with namespaces
  • Switching modules
  • Importing modules
  • Debugging TypeScript
  • Implementing decorators

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Course Details

Module 1 Get Started

  • Introducing TypeScript
  • Defining "JavaScript"
  • Writing your first TypeScript function
  • Configuring Your Environment
  • Choosing your TypeScript editor
  • Installing TypeScript
  • Creating a TypeScript project

Module 2. ES6 Language Features

  • Reviewing ES6 language features
  • Default parameters
  • Template strings
  • Let and const
  • For...of loops
  • Lambdas
  • Destructuring
  • The spread operator
  • Computed properties

Module 3. Type Fundamentals

  • Introducing JavaScript types
  • Understanding type inference
  • Specifying JavaScript types
  • Specifying function parameter types
  • Adding function overloads

Module 4. Custom Types

  • Defining custom types with interfaces
  • Using interfaces to describe functions
  • Extending interface definitions
  • Defining constant values with enums
  • Defining anonymous types

Module 5. Classes

  • Understanding prototypical inheritance
  • Defining a class
  • Applying static properties
  • Making properties smarter with accessors
  • Inheriting behavior from a base class
  • Implementing an abstract class
  • Controlling visibility with access modifiers
  • Implementing interfaces

Module 6. Generics

  • Introducing generics
  • Creating generic classes
  • Applying generic constraints

Module 7. Modules

  • Understanding the need for modules in JavaScript
  • Organizing your code with namespaces
  • Using namespaces to encapsulate private members
  • Understanding the difference between internal and external modules
  • Switching from internal to external modules
  • Importing modules using CommonJS syntax
  • Importing modules using ECMAScript 2015 syntax
  • Loading external modules

Module 8. Real-World Application Development

  • Introducing the sample JavaScript application
  • Converting existing JavaScript code to TypeScript
  • Generating declaration files
  • Referencing third-party libraries
  • Converting to external modules
  • Debugging TypeScript with source maps

Module 9. Decorators

  • Implementing method decorators
  • Implementing class decorators
  • Implementing property decorators
  • Implementing decorator factories

Who Should Attend

  • Those who want to go beyond javascript to learn typescript


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MEAN Stack DeveloperRakesh has around 4+ years of experience in UI and Front End Development. He has worked on various domains including Banking & Finance, Health Care and Media & Entertainment for developing Web applications and Mobile applications using technologies like Bootstrap,Angularjs,HTML5,CSS,JQuery,Javascript, Nodejs,Express,Gulp, Git,SASS,LESS,Karma,ES6 and Babel.

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