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OpenFOAM Essential Training

Numerical approach is currently playing a vital role in the Research and Development of any field. It has also broadened the ideologies by easing the testing. Numerous solvers are available do the analysis in a time span and effort much less than it takes to test a prototype experimentally. OpenFOAM is a C++ toolbox for the development of customized numerical solvers. It began dominating the numerical world by its flexibility, power and open availability. OpenFOAM includes flexible physical modeling codes to deliver fast, accurate results across the widest range of CFD and multiphysics applications. In this course you will learn basic meshing, converting mesh, case setup, assigning physical conditions, choosing solver, schemes, solving in series and parallel, extracting results.

Topics include:

  • Introduction to OpenFOAM
  • Basic meshing
  • Visualizing mesh
  • Case setup
  • Steady and transient analysis
  • Static and dynamic analysis
  • Assigning Boundary conditions
  • Solvers and schemes
  • Series and parallel solving
  • Running case
  • Viewing and plotting results in paraview

SSG SkillsFuture Credit Applicable for Individual

SSG WSG (WDA) SkillsConnect Training Grant Applicable for Company

Course Code: CRS-N-0042106

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Course Details

Module 1: Introduction

  • What is OpenFOAM
  • Computational approach 
  • Steady and transient cases
  • Flow analysis
  • Thermal analysis

Module 2: Meshing

  • What is meshing?
  • Types of Mesh
  • Types of meshing tools (blockMesh, snappyHex, Ansys Mesh, ICEM CFD)
  • Simple 2D and 3D mesh

Module 3: Preprocessing

  • Importing mesh
  • Visualizing mesh
  • Material setup
  • Laminar and turbulent
  • Static and dynamic analysis
  • Assigning BC’s

Module 4: Simulation

  • Solvers and schemes
  • Time step setup
  • Residual control and plot
  • Check case setup
  • Solving in series and parallel

Module 5: Post-processing

  • Reading data 
  • Visualizing results
  • Contours and plots
  • Generating video (transient case)
  • Calculate final results

Who Should Attend

  • Aerospace Engineers
  • Fluid Dynamics Researchers
  • Building & Construction Engineers




AutoCAD TrainerSivamoorthy Kanagalingam’s scope of work focuses on numerical analysis and uses Fluent for flow and thermal analysis. Computational fluid dynamics has prominent applications in the fields of Aerospace, Automobile, Mechanical, Oil and Gas, Civil, Urban development, Environment etc. Siva has been working on CFD since 2010 and completed many projects in Aerospace and Mechanical sectors. He is still an active user of Ansys CFX, Fluent, ICEM CFD, OpenFOAM and currently involved in multiphase, dynamic analysis.

Sivamoorthy Kanagalingam is a passionate Aerospace Engineer with interest and experience in Aerodynamics, Fluid Dynamics, Fluid Structure Interaction, Computational Fluid Dynamics

Customer Reviews (2)

Will RecommendReview by Guiqin Liu
1. Do you find the course meet your expectation?
2. Do you find the trainer knowledgeable in this subject?
3. How do you find the training environment
NIL (Posted on 7/3/2017)
The course provides essential knowledge for OpenFoamReview by Grace
1. Do you find the course meet your expectation?
2. Do you find the trainer knowledgeable in this subject?
3. How do you find the training environment
The trainer has enough knowledge in CFD and OpenFoam, with passive teaching attitude, positive personal interaction skills. The content of the training includes the introduction of the OpenFoam, examples, questions, and answers.

Installing OpenFoam is essential before attending the class. (Posted on 7/3/2017)

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1. Do you find the course meet your expectation?
2. Do you find the trainer knowledgeable in this subject?
3. How do you find the training environment
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