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Kids Classes

We have a variety of tuition, workshops and enrichment courses for kids, school children and parent in Singapore. The tuition classes include Math. Science and Python, H1, H2 and H3 levels. The workshops include coding, robotics, 3D printing, 3D modelling, horticulture.

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  • 3D Printing Workshop for Kid and Parent

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    A special 3D printing workshop for kids (less than 15 years old) and parents in Singapore during school holiday Get hands on with technology and discover how 3D printing technology can be simple, fun and innovative. ​The parent and kid team will be learn how to use TinkerCAD draw keychain and Minecraft with 3D drawing pen and 3D printer....

  • Coding Workshop for Kid and Parent

    Python is one of the top 10 programming languages and is more relevant in meeting real-world needs. A number of secondary schools and JC in Singapore have already introduced Python as a programming course. This is a special one day Python coding workshop for parent and kid during Jun Holiday in Singapore The aim is to introduce parents and kids (below 15 years old).to basic programming concepts using simple Python p....

  • Hydroponics Workshop for Kid and Parent

    Hydroponics, a method of growing plants using mineral nutrients and water, without soil, is perfect for urban farming and home farming because it is clean and green! In fact, hydroponic farming is more sustainable than soil-based growing methods because it actually uses 70-90% less water. This is a special 3 hrs hydroponics workshop for kid and parent in the school holiday in Singapore. Come and learn the basic know....

  • Python Tuition for O-Level Exam Preparation

    This is a group tuition for O Level Python O Level Cambridge Examination. The tuition follows the Singapore MOE Syllabus and aim to help students to do well in their Python O Level Exam. It is a 4 weeks program with 1 session per week. The duration for each session is 2.5 hrs with 1.5hr lession and 1hr practical. Each sesssion willl cover 2 topics. All sessions have practical assessment to ensure students gain the c....

  • Raspberry Pi Scratch Programming Workshop for Kid and Parent

    This is a special one day Raspberry Pi Scratch Programming workshop for parent and kid (below 15 years old) during june holiday in Singapore. ill teach kids how to program interesting and simple Raspberry pi projects using Scratch. Each project is fun, visual, and has plenty of scope for personalization. By the end of this workshop, the parent and kid will understand and be able to use scratch programming languages, ....

  • Robotics Workshop for Kid and Parent

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    Robotics is a fun-filled and hands-on activity that improves creative and analytical thinking skills. Building a robot together with parents and kids s also a fun activity for family bonding. . This coming June holiday in Singapore, we wanted to create somethings special for our parent & kids (below 15 years old) . Let's build our very own first DIY robotic car in one day At the end of the day, we will hav....

  • Raspberry Pi for Teenagers

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    Raspberry Pi is a small, cheap, single-board computer that opens a new door to computer exploration. Simple to use and program, it can be embedded in innovative projects and has been used to build Internet of Things (IoT) such as  dog treat dispensers, low-res plotters, cell phone–operated coffeemakers, and a solar-powered computer. This course shows how to obtain, configure, and do simple tasks with a Ra....

  • Scratch Programming

    Scratch is a visual programming language. Developed by students at MIT, Scratch allows users to create web animations, games, and interactive stories, all without a single line of code. Originally intended for kids ages 8–16, Scratch's web-based platform is ideal for educators who want to incorporate programming in the classroom, and adult students who want to learn a visual language before progressing to code.....

  • Basic iOS Apps Creation for Teenagers

    iOS app development is actually simpler than you might think. The course will bundle the most important concepts in iOS, explaining the development process in a visual way that people of any programming background can understand. No programming experience required! At the end, you'll have a finished app and a basic understanding of Xcode, the toolset for developing iOS apps; building blocks like variables, functions,....

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