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Android Apps Inventor Training for Non-Programmers

MIT’s App Inventor platform is the quickest and easiest way to get started with building Android Apps. Using a fully visual drag-and-drop method to design your application and to create its logic, expect to learn the ropes quickly without any programming background at all!

In this one-day course, learn basic programming methodologies and apply them towards building a graphical app. Harness the unique powers of mobile platforms by making full use of its touch screen and array of sensors. Get a hands-on with more complex applications by including information from the internet into your application by using web APIs.

Your key takeaways from this course are:

  • Fundamentals of the MIT App Inventor platform
  • Basic-to-Intermediate Programming Methodologies
  • Basic App Design Skills

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Course Code: CRS-N-0042695

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Course Details

Module 1: Introduction to App Inventor

  • Overview – Course & Tools
  • Introduction to App Inventor interface and features
  • Connecting your device and previewing your app
  • App Inventor Layout tools
  • Activity: Design a simple calculator app

Module 2: Fundamentals of App Logic

  • Introduction to the blocks view
  • Fundamentals of event-driven logic
  • Addressing GUI elements from logic
  • Activity: Adding logic to your calculator app

Module 3: Device Specific Features

  • The App Inventor Canvas
  • Activity: Building a drawing app
  • Using the camera
  • Activity: Adding a photo to the canvas
  • Using the accelerometer
  • Activity: Using gestures to clear the canvas

Module 4: Intermediate Logic and Storage

  • Variables
  • If-statements
  • Procedures
  • Activity: Building a state-based game
  • The App Inventor Timer object
  • Persistent storage with TinyDB
  • Activity: Storing persistent high scores

Module 5:  Media & Accessibility

  • Adding images
  • Adding media
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Text-To-Speech
  • Voice Recognition
  • Online Translation
  • Activity: Build a voice controlled program

Module 6: Deploying Your App (Optional)

  • Configuring your app for release
  • Adding an icon to your app
  • Generating an APK file
  • Getting on the Google Play store

Who Should Attend

Beginners who are interested in entering the world of app development, but wish to have a gentle, activity-focused introduction.


None – This course is specially crafted for students with no prior programming knowledge


Androids App Inventor TrainerCheng Chong developed a strong passion for computing at a young age, self-training in areas such as programming and computer graphics from as early as age 10. Throughout the years, he has gained a wealth of experience in learning technology efficiently, and has applied his knowledge in training at schools and universities. Cheng Chong possesses a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the National University of Singapore, has over 7 years of online education experience via his highly praised YouTube channel, and 4 years of offline experience through coaching, peer mentoring and conducting classes and labs at NUS.

Androids App Inventor TrainerA tinkerer at heart, Chua Rui De has years of experience with electronics through his projects. He received his Bachelors in Engineering in Engineering Product Development (Computer Engineering) from the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) in 2017, and is eager to share his knowledge on how programming can be made easy. He is also versed in Arduino, C#, Python and Raspberry Pi systems.

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